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"Manuel on Stage" is a self reflective project that follows a second cycle of my writing (of plays, prose and poems). The first cycle ended with Actueur, three small texts of « nor theatre » with which I have closed, as a matter of speech, the cycle of my "dramatic writing"; after which writing became, if I may say so, more instrumental to constitute a canvas for a series of thematic plays about erotism, death, power, or the notion of being a foreigner. With "Manuel on Stage" things "jump" this time in many different directions simultaneously. Including the possibility of "going back" through a sort of "manual (about how to be-come) on stage", using all the time all my previous plays and other texts but also any source that may be found interesting to bring to Manuel on Stage.

Alvaro García de Zúñiga - photo: Yves Rousguisto

Manuel on Stage has as base material :

Theatre is nothing but Cinema

Impossible Theatre

Reading of a text for the Theatre

Sur Scène et Marne


Press Conference

Exercices on Frustration



and all my other non-dramatic writing, as well as texts related to them. For intance : Manuals and theoretical texts about theatre and theatre play (Stanislavski, Strassberg, M. Tchekhov, P. Brook, etc.) Other theoretical texts about thought and language like Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus and other writings: ; Le Mot et la Chose by W. V. O. Quine, etc. Other theoretical texts (Posmodernismo para principiantes by R. Appignanesi / Ch. Garratt, La théorie du bordel ambiant by R. Moreno). Texts about quantum physics and artificial intelligence (La société de l’esprit by M. Minski, Le cantique des quantiques by Pharabod, Ortoli, etc.). Etc.


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