Alvaro García de Zúñiga's plays


A world war in radio days

A true (in)adaptation of one of the greatest classics of all time, for example of a personal “settling of accounts” (in the way of Hamlemachine by Heiner Muller), that incorporates a particular critical vision of the piece as well as transferring through other media a vision of what is not supposed to be seen: a spectacle of radio-theatre.

Imagine to what point that would have pleased MacLuhan.


At a ficticious Swiss broadcasting station the ensemble produces an opulent Othello radio play. If we close our eyes we can hear a virtually cinemascope-like "Othello," with storms, music, and sound effects. If we open our eyes, we recognize a deeply Othello-like intrigue involving the station's house ensemble - against the guest in the role of Othello, who is oblivious to the rules of the game and has no command of the language spoken in Switzerland. It's a collision between different languages and customs, the materialism of the experienced ensemble and the helplessness of the stranger, disparate notions of the profession, the everyday and the production of art. And of course the final catastrophe does not confine itself to the play being broadcasted.

opened the 21rst February in Zurich, Theater am Neumarkt.

written and directed by Alvaro García de Zúñiga, translated in to German by Leopold von Verschuer

with William Nadylam and Leopold von Verschuer and the Neumarkt's company

set by Miguel Palma

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