Alvaro García de Zúñiga's plays

Le Théâtre n'est que du cinéma – Theater is nothing but cinema...

The theatre opens the parenthesis: The actors – reactors – all show off. Give birth to a window that is one from an airplane, because the theatre flies/steals. We fly/steal. High. At the same time in an airplane the passengers watch a catastrophic film and then make one. And the plane crashes into the theatre in the middle of the presentation. Everyone is dead. At the autopsy we open the skull as we would open Pandora’s box, and we close the parenthesis.

- Written and directed by Alvaro García de Zúñiga. With Johnny Cabral, Fernán García de Zúñiga, Sérgio Praia and the collaboration of Ana Zanatti, Fernando Mascarenhas, Fernando Lopes. Sets and costumes by João Louro.

Produced by the Lisbon National Theatre (Teatro Nacional de D. Maria II) in April 1999.

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