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Manuel is a building site. A work in progress, a jumble. by Manuel-Arnaud Churin

about Manuel on Stage

At first the author takes us into a manual, written in every language. But a manual has no author, it is anonymous, like some masterpieces of ancient music. Yet, in dramatic writing, characters are supposed to escape their inventors. Thus the author who seeks anonymity will be over passed. Manuel will become the Manual character, he will have a "by himself". Because a speech is embodied the moment it is brought on stage, even when it comes from a manual.

It is therefore a conference, in different languages, in which the subject is from turn to turn books, radio, language, all things to be used according to an instructions book.

Alvaro García de Zúñiga - photo de Yves Rousguisto
But it is crazy to want to understand how all this works, it is crazy to want to know everything about an object and the way it is used. Acting like this you will dissolve the object itself, its singularity, by applying to it the immutable principles of the instructions book. This dissolution is a folly that the text invites you to apprehend.

It makes us slide in an enunciation of fantasy data and the conference enchants itself with crossings. Sometimes rather linguistic exercice for "Manuel de lalalangue", others rather "Manuel of radio listening (to me)", the text evolves depending on the frames where it is presented, depending on the progress of the work process and its processing(s).

Very concretely the project can be summarized this way: a handful of actors have decided to accompany Alvaro García de Zúñiga in a process of dramatic writing in progression.

Arnaud Churin - photo by Yves Rousguisto

In may 2009 we have progressed in this process, in the Maison de la Poésie, in Paris where Manuel for three days long, taught us how to use poetry, music, theatre in the radio that is a theatre, that in fact is a radio, and finally a manual of language, a concerto to conference in every language, almost.

Then in Lisbon – world crossroad / programmed by the city townhall.

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