Alvaro García de Zúñiga's plays

Exercices de Frustration

While leaving a plastic installation and passing by the cinema, we arrive at the theatre to pose a pile/heap/bunch of questions: Why does a surveillance camera transmit its images to a childs bedroom? Who put the television in a cinema? What’s the link between a voyage to Remscheid and Pina Bausch? Why does a documentary voiceover tell you of the last row? Who was the man in the hotel corridor? His ancestors in Argentina from the time of the dictator, were they really Swiss? Why does Pina Bausch accept to dance with you? But does she play football? How many years later can a spectator help her brother to prepare for his suicide now? From where comes the language inextricably sinuous/serpentine of the Romanian Jewish emigrant Gherasim Luca and what misguided soul/madperson/idiot thought they could translate it? Can there be a poetic of failure? Where is a/the labyrinth?

Written and directed by Alvaro García de Zúñiga

With Silke Geertz and Leopold von Verschuer

Produced by the Theatre am Neumarkt, Zurich, January/February 2006