Arnaud Churin

Actor, Director

Arnaud Churin, photo by Yves

My name is Arnaud Churin. My English is very bad, anyway I will try to tell you who I am.

I have learned theatre in different schools. The more famous is the Conservatoire National de Paris. During the three years of this school I have played in a European way with a street theatre company. I have worked in Sueden, Poland, Germany, Slovenia, Italy and France.

In 2000, while the street company was ending, I have played and directed my first show “L’Ours Normand Fernand Léger” after I have wrote a theatre play with a dialogue between two very important “thinkers” called Boris Cyrulnik and Edgar Morin. Also in this play actors started the show with a very popular TV game I have seen when I was eight. This play was called “Pas Vu (à la television)” (Not seen (On television). But I spend the most of my life playing for other theatre directors: Olivier Py, Eric Vigner, Pierre Guillois, Stuart Seide, Bruno Bayen, Jean-Marie Patte, Michel Didym, Alain Ollivier, Laurent Laffargue, Eric Lacascade, Jean Boillot, Alvaro Garcia de Zuniga, Bérangère Jannelle, Bernard Lévy, Guillaume Rannou, Christophe Perton, Claude Buchvald, Sébastien Laurier.

I have also played in few movies.

If you don’t speak French, the most important about me, is to know that with Alvaro García de Zúñiga, Teresa Albuquerque and Emanuela Pace we worked on “Manuel on Stage”. It’s like a concert with words. Manuel it’s the text written by Alvaro Garcia de Zuniga with it, the text, we make a performance, with theatre, music. In different languages. Each times it’s a new show, with many languages, also local languages. We want to perform “Manuel on stage” every where in the world as well as in Europe…

20dpx Manuel is a building site by Manuel-Arnaud Churin