Alvaro García de Zúñiga's plays

Pièce à Conviction / Corpus Delicti

(M)oral play

“A long long time ago, before putting an end to her days by throwing herself into a sausage maker while singing the final aria of Madame Butterfly backwards, the greatest diva of the Milan Kabuki Theatre, soprano Yo-Tampoko No-era, knew a man…”

Written and directed by Alvaro García de Zúñiga for the METATRIO

- concert-reading by Yumi Nara, Daniel Kientzy and Reina Portuondo, Festival Nova Musica, December 2004.

- Non visual opera created for the Woche des Hörspiels (radio play's week) of the Akademie der Kunste (Berlin Art Academy), April 2007.

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