Trilingual play, written and directed by Alvaro García de Zúñiga, for voice(s) & and some other sounds. ± 54’

Voices : Leopold von Verschuer, Rocco Giordano & Ken Hayashi

Translation into German : Leopold von Verschuer

Translation into Italian : Teresa Bartolomei

Translation into Japanese : Dominique Taste & Fushida Manami

On the opposite of Showa Tennô HiroHito, OtihOrih delivers a radio broadcast that will transform his common mortal status into a divine one.

The play OtihOrih is a mix of acoustic art, music, poetry and theater. In one word, a non visual opera. That’s absolutely politically correct, isn’t it ?

(At noon on August 15, 1945, the Emperor of Japan delivered the Imperial Surrender over the radio. Not only did this speech signify the end of World War II, but it meant the end of the Emperor’s status as a deity. This was the first time in history the people of Japan had ever heard their Emperor’s voice.)

OtihOrih, on the opposite of Showa Tennô HiroHito, delivers a radio broadcast that transforms his common mortal status into a divine one.

- Oh! just like Orson Welles, you might think.

No. Not at all. Well, not really."

Like the Karl, Heinz, Pierre & Henry Stockhausen brothers, OtihOrih was interested in finding and developing the ultimate possibilities of creating new sounds. And like the Stockhausen brothers (worldwide known as the Fab Four), OtihOrih became more popular than Jesus.

To be able to work in all kind of experiences, much much more than the Jimmi Hendrix one’s, OtihOrih created the Unit 731, within which he performed some biological and human experiences on sound.

Arrested after some controversial issues, OtihOrih obtained total immunity in exchange of his files and data bases.”

The acoustic play OtihOrih mixes a complex and confused (hi)story in which theater, music and all kind of sounds interact together creating a non visual opera.

OtihOrih is the first mifplexcsound play on Earth.

OtihOrih is produced with the support of the Kientzy Foundation & NOVA MUSICA STUDIO

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Pièces acoustiques