Hindol Deb

Hindol’s musical journey started when he was all of five when his father Sri. Panchanan Sardar made him hold his instrument and taught him the initial lessons of the most beautiful language. Since then, he constantly tries to express through his music his experience and realization.

After blossoming under his father’s tutelage in the Rampur-Maihar school of music, known for its elaborate Dhrupad Alap of the Beenkars, Hindol came under the guidance of Sri Gaurav Mazumdar. He came to realize the importance of plurality in Indian Classical music. Lately he was being trained under the guidance of Lt.Pt. Deepak Choudhury.

His style has gradually evolved to a personal approach of the tradition and a deep spiritual touch. His esthetical understanding gives him a very personal sound, and his pallet of colors is balanced with technicality as well as sobriety.

Hindol has been pursuing his dream intensely and is on his way to establish himself as one of the talented upcoming artists of the younger generation of performing musicians through Radio, Television and several stage performances. Apart from being a performer, he is also a dedicated teacher and conducts workshops of Hindustani music and Indian Classical music appreciation in India and abroad.

Recently he was invited by the French government with a scholarship to work with musicians to experiment with different genres of music like Jazz, Blues, electronic music etc., along with Indian classical and give performances. He was also invited by the Swedish government as the representative of India along with the musicians from fourteen different countries to teach and play each others music along with the Swedish musicians and perform at ETHNO festival. He also toured Belgium and Greece to take part in the concert festivals. Apart from that he has composed and played his music for various plays and ballets.

Hindol has graduated from the Prayag Sangeet Samiti under Allahabad University with a gold medal and is a recipient of the Sahitya Kala Parishad’s scholarship and the National scholarship for Hindustani Classical Music in Sitar.

Even after all the experimentations, he feels that it is only because of his firm base in the spiritual philosophy that inspires him to keep his music pure and uninfluenced.